Internet Business Analysis

India is slowly - very slowly becoming more internet savvy and even though it is an accepted fact that mobile phones will be ruling the Indian market, the internet still is a lucrative business. There are a huge number of start ups that are based on the internet presently and a even larger number that have already failed after trying to crack the difficult Indian market.

So there are some questions that every start up should be asking itself.  

1. What is the USP of your website?
The question to ask when starting up with any new website is similar to the one you would ask while starting a new business: What is it that the site brings to the table that is better, cheaper and easier than what already exists.

2. What is the prime objective of the website?
Being able to state the objective clearly in as less words as possible helps define a scope. This in turn helps both the website owner and the development team to have a very clear picture of what it is that they are creating.
Broadly, the internet consists of sites that do the following:
1. Search Engine
2. Collaborative
3. Informative
4. Information Gathering
5. Buy and Sell on the Internet

There is a difference between creating a search engine for real estate - and a site that provides information about real estate - and this needs to be kept in mind all the time while designing and developing the site.

3. What is the target audience of the website?
The internet helps in targeted advertising and targeted marketing. Demographics are important and they are becoming even more important on the internet. The best way to ascertain a target audience is to create a Persona. Read more about Persona in my next post.

The answers to these questions help clear a lot of doubts for both the development team and the client in any internet based web development project and also ensure successful project completion.


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