Telecom Terminology

OSS        : Operations Support Systems
BSS        : Business Support Systems

A combination of OSS and BSS systems used primarily for managing the networks of Mobile Network Operators and applying different Business Laws on them.

MNO          : Mobile Network Operator aka
CSP             : Communications Service Provider

PAP             : Password Authentication Protocol
Authentication Protocol based on Point to Point protocol. Transmits ASCII passwords over the network without encrypting them and hence considered to be less secure as compared to other protocols.

CHAP         : Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
Authentication protocol based on Point to Point protocol. Uses three way handshake to identify client.

EAP            : Extensible Authentication Protocol
Authentication Framework on which many different authentication protocols have been created. Primarily used in wireless networks and Point to Point connections.

PPP             : Point to Point Protocol
Datalink protocol used to create link between two networking nodes.
Provides connection authentication, data privacy during transfer and compression mechanism. PPPoE and PPPoA are used by ISPs to connect to DSL service.

UMTS        : Universal Mobile Telecommunications System( aka 3G, 3G +, FOMA or W- CDMA)
It helps provide a theoritical transfer rate of up to 7.2 Mbit/s for GSM based mobile phones.

GGSN         : Gateway GPRS Support Node
Interfaces between the GPRS network and the Internet

RAS            : Remote Access Services
Combination of hardware and software that helps enable remote access of tools and services in a network of IT devices.

BRAS         : Broadband Access Server
Routes traffic to and from DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexers) on an ISP network.

CDRs          : Call Detail Record (aka UDRs : Usage Data Records)
Computer Record produced by telephone exchange which contains details of call that passed through it.

IDRs           : Invoice Detail Records
Invoice Detail records are generated when the rates are applied on the CDRs.

IPDRs         : Internet Protocol Detail Records
Detail Records generated through access of IP based service usage and other activities that can be used by OSS and BSS.

SNMP         : Simple Network Management Protocol
UDP based network management protocol, used in Network Management Systems to monitor network attached devices.

FTP             : File Transfer Protocol
Protocol used to transfer files over a TCP/IP based network.

FTAM        : File Transfer Access and Management
A protocol that combines both File Transfer and Remote File Access as its functions.

Terminating Partner
A Mobile Network Operator who receives data in the form of calls/SMS from other operators is known as the Terminating Partner. The call from an outer network coming to our network is called as Interconnect Inbound.

Originating Partner
A Mobile Network Operator who sends data in the form of calls/SMS to other operators is known as the Originating Partner. The call from one network to an outer network through an Interconnect is called as Interconnect Outbound.

Transit Mode
A Mobile Network Operator whose network is used to transmit calls from an Originating Partner to a Terminating Partner is called as being in Transit Mode.

ICC - ID   : Integrated Circuit Card - Identifier
19 or 20 digit long ICC - ID identifies every SIM card internationally.