OSS/BSS against crime

Just read this news and thought of spreading the word about how Telecom OSS/BSS technology can also be put to use for police investigations. The Bangalore police recently caught an Infosys employee and indicted him for murdering his wife. 

The story goes like this:
Husband claims that he received a call from his wife while he was away jogging asking him to come home as three men had arrived at the house looking for him. He came, didn't find the door open and so came back with a new key to his house only to find wife dead.

The Bangalore police checked the HLR - Home Location Register and looked at the call records between the husband and his wife. They found that the time at which husband claimed, wife called him, the husband and the wife's cell phones were in the same location - in the same tower area. The tower serving their house where wife was supposed to be was a different one. 

Confronted with these facts, husband confessed.


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